Friday, February 22, 2013


1. Do I actually want to be in a relationship?
   Unfortunately, some of us get into relationships without even knowing we are doing so. We meet someone    new, have a great time with them, and then suddenly we’re dating that person exclusively. If you don’t want to be in a committed relationship with someone, don’t let the good times take over your decisions. It won’t be so fun after a month or so.

2.  What are examples of the good relationships I have been in?

     Think about all the relationships you have in your life. What are some examples of the good ones where you have found love and support? Practice the behaviors exhibited in this relationship and seek a mate who will do the same.

3.  How serious do I want to be?
    Are you just looking to date someone for fun? Or, are you ready to settle down for good? Once you’ve answered this question, make sure you and your next partner are on the same page or you will wind up wasting your time and energy.

4.  What do I want from my next partner?

     Think about what past relationships have provided you in the past. Love? Support? Companionship? If you’re looking for a relationship for other reasons, say financial support or being with someone for the sake of not being alone, drop those demands and realize that a relationship is about making each other stronger, not convenience.

5.  Do I deserve to be loved?

     Are you happy with yourself? Do you have self-confidence in the way you look and feel? Do you think you’re good enough to make a partner happy? Do you think you’re smart enough? Funny enough? These questions may seem simple, but they are important. You need to be happy with yourself first if you are looking to get into a healthy relationship.

6.  What are the top three characteristics I want in a partner?

    What are the three greatest demands you need from your mate? Think about what the most important qualities are to you (don’t let superficial characteristics like looks or finances get in the way), and look for those traits in each potential match you meet.

7.  Am I over my last relationship?

     If you are harboring feelings of negativity or anger towards your last partner, you may not be over that relationship. Take time to heal before meeting someone new so you can give that new person a fair shot!

8.  How can this person make my life better?

   Your partner should bring out the best in you. If they don’t make you stronger, happier, and more confident, then they may not be right for you. Ask yourself if the person you’re dating enhances your life. If the answer is no, move on!

9.  Am I dating this person because I’m interested in them?

    If you’ve been dating someone new and think you may want to see them exclusively, ask yourself if you really see potential for true love. If not, you may just be trying to fill your time because you’re afraid to be alone. If this is the case, risk loneliness in the present moment so that you may find your true soul mate!

10.  Does my potential mate believe in God?

     If you love the Lord and want to share that passion for His message with your children, or future children, you will want to ensure your partner feels the same way. Talk about your religious and spiritual beliefs before you get into a relationship to make sure this won’t be a problem in the years to come.

with love, 


Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Photographer : my beloved cousin plus my personal asistant, FEBRINA METALIA.
Location : my personal room.
and here's makeup products that i used  :

  • my favorite cream + skin care (2 in 1) CC cream from CHANEL.
  • translucent loose setting powder from LAURA MERCIER.
  • natural eyeshadow naked palette 2 from URBAN DECAY
  • natural baby pink blush on from LAURA MERCIER.
  • sexy red lipstick from TOPSHOP.
  • curl eye lashes from SHU UEMURA 
  • liquid eyeliner
  • favorite mascara

Okay, These are some of my favorite looks I have worn this week :) My brother got me into blogging and now I love it. So here I am ... FELIZTYORACHIE !!!

Lots more posts to come !!!

stay beautiful inside and out !!! :)

xoxo, Ino.